Thursday, March 23, 2006

Pin trees beach and kayaking

those dark shapes are dolphins, they came right up to the kayak to hang out. Unbelievable!
I was so busy watching them I didn't get any other pics!

the view from the hotel room!!! We left the door open at night and you could hear the waves crashing on the beach.

hotel fountain
one more view of the hotel room form the balcony

hotel lobby, all outside of course!

so blue and so clear

some people...

i have no idea why I've taken so many pictures of my feet.
look at those clouds roll in over the mountains

yay, wild bananas

pin trees beach, i think, one spot where the surfers go

first pic from the kayak

cruise ships ahoy!

first couple of days

how many geckos can you find?

volcanoes national park
ireland or hawaii?
lava field
mike's street
first view off the plane
i think this is the magic sands beach

but of course I got leied

the obligatory palm tree

pics from cruising around the island

defunct wind farm, makes for a cool picture
why is my rental car better than my actual car? It's not right.
just a crater

you can almost hear the waves hitting the beach

what a beautiful sunset! It left me breathless...


More pics from the hike to the waterfall

We went swimming too at the pool at the bottom and sat behind the waterfall!! Soo cool!

oooh, that water was a little bit chilly!

Bamboo forest

Green Sand Beach

Ahh, what a lovely uneven tan, thank god the background is gorgeous

only because i did it with the black sand beach

Black Sand Beach, Above and Below

yes, i had my flip-flop on before taking this picture